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One of the key factors in any wedding will be the decoration and floral arrangements that you choose. Certainly there are literally hundreds of options that you have to choose from as you plan out the flowers for your big day. You can do anything from simple to elaborate or traditional to unique. Many wedding florists will tell you that there are common mistakes that are often made that can be easily avoided as long as you keep some helpful tips in mind for your big day.

When you start to plan out your wedding, it is imperative that you find a florist that you can trust. There is something to be said about communication when you are trying to come up with a design from your daydreams as a bride to be. A good, reputable florist can help you bring all of your designs in your head into fruition while holding down your budget. Knowing that you have a florist that will come through for you and get you the arrangements and pieces that you want will help to take a huge weight off of your shoulders as you plan.

Many wedding florists will tell you that a common mistake that a lot of couples will make is simply overdoing it. You don't have to have 4 foot tall arrangements on every table at your reception in order to make a statement. As a matter of fact, you want to take into consideration that sometimes floral arrangements at weddings can obstruct the view for some of the most important facets of your big day. Work with your florist to come up with a design that is stunning and functional when it comes to all of the arrangements for your ceremony as well as your reception.

Did you know that one of the most common mistakes made for weddings is not using the arrangements from the ceremony later on during the reception? If you have stunning flowers along the aisles or pieces along the altar, be sure to bring them in for use at the reception at a buffet table - or even on the guest book table. By reintegrating them into the reception, you are not wasting a single penny that you spent on each and every beautiful bloom.

As you talk with potential wedding florists about the arrangements that you would like to have for your ceremony or reception, never be afraid to ask about exotic flowers. While they might be pricey, many times you can make incredible displays using less of these flowers - so when compared to traditional flowers, the pricing evens out. A good florist should be able to get you great pricing on blooms that might even be out of season if you really have your heart set on them.

Remember as you plan, it is important that your florist is one of the first things that you book right after your ceremony and reception sites. Wedding florists will often book up fast during peak wedding season, so you need to make sure that you have your floral vendor on lock for your big day. With the right amount of planning and a few tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to have a day blossoming with beauty.