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Gifts & Favours for your Wedding Guests

Most women love weddings. Maybe it's the variety of beautiful styles, themes, and ideas that we see uniquely showcased at each wedding. No two weddings are alike. A wedding can be grand and extravagant - or simple and elegant. Something that can be intriguing at weddings are the gifts and favours.

Wedding gifts and favours are a way for the bride and groom to express their appreciation and thanks to their honoured guests. It may surprise some modern brides to find out that long ago, the bride and groom were expected to provide gifts for their guests instead of the reverse. Today there are even wedding registries that tell the guest exactly what and how much to buy. If you'd like to strike a balance between the bygone days and the more modern, you can offer at least a small remembrance to your guests.

Some wedding gifts and favours are very practical. For example, most of your female wedding guests will be wearing high-heels. While these look fabulous with that little black dress, they may make it nearly impossible to strut out on the dance floor without causing considerable pain. Some modern brides provide a basket full of flip-flops or slippers to encourage a full dance floor. These can even be coordinated to match the colours of your wedding.

Other practical, yet thoughtful gifts are seed packets that contain daisy or wildflower seeds. These can sometimes be ordered online to include your names and the wedding date. A favour like this is one that the guest can enjoy long after the wedding is over. You could also give out personalised bookmarks that contain a favourite quote or text. These can include one of your engagement photos and your wedding date as well.

A favourite wedding favour is one of the most inexpensive yet sentimental. It is dried rose petals with a treasured saying or poem written on them in gold or silver ink. These are beautiful and simple to make. Just take several fresh full-bloomed roses. Red roses are the most beautiful dried, but other colours such as pink and yellow work as well.

Next, carefully remove the petals and place them flat between the pages of a large book, such as a dictionary. The larger the petals are, the better. Let them dry for at least a week or two. Once they have dried, take a gold or silver gel pen and with a light hand, carefully write in small cursive (script) handwriting a favourite poem or saying. You can even make your own envelopes if you like out of a pretty parchment-type paper. Your guests will love searching through the envelopes for just the verse that strikes a romantic chord with them.

Of course, if you are able to spend more money on your gifts, your options are endless. Candles, paper fans, candy, chocolates, vases full of flowers, bubbles, and photos are all big hits with guests. Whatever you choose, your guests will no doubt be appreciative that you thought of them instead of simply expecting the reverse.