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Choosing the right Wedding Make-Up

A wedding is ideally a once in a lifetime affair and the bride should look her best. The first thing to consider in determining the perfect tone of make-up is the time of the wedding. A beautician will assist you in choosing the right wedding make up for your big day. If it is morning, then the bride should look natural using colours found on the skin, like beige, light brown, apricot - and the eye liner and mascara should not be over powering. If she is to wear false lashes it should be just the natural looking ones. The use of shimmery eye make-up texture and highlight is not encouraged because it gives an unnatural finish. Taking into account the colour theme of the occasion when considering make-up application is not a bad thing. If the colour theme is taupe then the make-up can be anywhere in the compliments of that color, like light brown with taupe combination eye make-up, natural lip tint and brush of apricot in the cheeks. Of course, her hair style should complement the make-up with light curls or a relaxed up-do.

If the wedding is in late afternoon sliding to early evening then make-up can have more colour like mauve, brown, grey with highlight and a little shimmer. Wedding make up that includes smokey eye effect can be a good idea but the rest of the face should have subdued color for a tamer overall effect. Lip color can be rosy pink, touch of orange to a certain shade of red, that doesn’t look flirty. Remember that brides exude a purity aura in a white wedding dress and her make-up should help achieve that.

After the wedding ceremony comes the reception and usually brides change their dress to something simpler and more comfortable. They also change their look. For example, if their hair is in an up-do style they put it down in soft curls with a simple hair clip. Most definitely a make-up touch up follows. Eye color can be intensified further, including the lips and the cheek colours, as the lighting at night is powerful, especially with the flashes of cameras, and the bride could look too pale in natural make-up. Application of thicker eyeliner and more elaborate false lashes can help achieve a more dramatic overall effect.

If the wedding has a certain theme like vintage, whimsical or modern then achieving it requires a lot of tricks, and the right make-up is certainly the number one consideration. You have to research the characteristics of the period make-up and carefully pick the colour, texture and accessories - and don’t forget the hair and the hair piece required.

Remember the things you have to consider in selecting wedding make up and achieving that perfect bride look: time of wedding, effective make-up, accessories - and don’t forget to wear your beautiful smile all the time!