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Wedding Photographers and their Styles

Weddings. These are heartwarming celebrations we all look forward to. As we see our friends or family walk down the aisle, our eyes may well-up with tears of joy and emotion, and our hearts soar with delight. We know that the aisle the bride and groom walk down is symbolic for the starting point of life’s path they will walk together. This is the beginning of a new chapter, this is their wedding day. Vivid memories will be created for them, for us, for all in attendance. This is especially true if it is our own wedding. But no matter how good your memory may be, having photo albums to look back on for years to come is not only an important documentation of what is perhaps the most important day of your life, it is a visual reminder of the fond memories you cherish in your heart. Photos can really bring the event back to life, and who wouldn’t want to relive their wedding day?

Indeed, there are a lot of horror stories out there about fly by night wedding photographers. But you can successfully net yourself a good one. Though you might not get Thomas Anson to take your wedding pictures (he did the wedding photography for Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day) you can definitely find someone competent, someone who understands your requirements. The art of wedding photography has evolved from the portraits of our grandparents day, as has the equipment available to the wedding photographer. While photographic portraits still have their place, wedding photographers now aim to catch the tone, feel, and overall atmosphere of the whole event. So in addition to the pictures snapped with the family standing under that big oak tree, the skilled wedding photographer will move about, barely noticed, but documenting people in the act on the day of the wedding. This really fleshes out the whole experience, a refreshing addition to portrait type pictures that really make the memories come alive.

Basically, wedding photography styles can be split into the following three categories: traditional, photojournalistic (also known as reportage or documentary), and contemporary. Let’s learn a bit about these styles so you can decide which one appeals to you the most. We’ll begin with traditional. This style is basically the posed portrait style our grandparents would have commonly used. The photographer has a great deal of control over what goes on, and is not as “invisible” as when other methods are employed. Photojournalistic wedding photography style is similar to the way news photographers execute their work. Subjects of photos interact little with the photographer, who focuses on taking the most candid and true to life images possible of the subjects in the frame. Contemporary style is essentially a combination of traditional and photojournalistic, with a lot of photo shopping done after the pictures are taken. In some ways, this style seeks to mimic fashion magazines like Vanity Fair.

Meeting with your wedding photographer and having an open dialogue about styles and pricing before the big day will yield good results. Make sure that you see his or her portfolio before agreeing to have them take your wedding pictures. Good photographers will be able to let you preview their other work, which will give you a good idea of their personal style. Such choosiness on your part will mean you will have something great to look back on for years to come.