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Things to consider when choosing Wedding Stationery

Among the endless decisions to be made before a wedding is what type of wedding stationery you will choose. Wedding stationery includes at least the wedding invitation itself and the outer envelope. Some people choose to include an RSVP card along with an accompanying envelope. And a Save-the-Date card could even be included in this set. The Save-the-Date card is of course mailed out before the actual wedding invitation.

In choosing your stationery, you first want to consider the overall theme or style of your wedding. You may choose to match the theme, or at least the colours, to the wedding. Of course, rather than match the colours exactly you may decide to choose colours that will compliment the wedding theme.

For many, the wedding invitation is their first glimpse of what they are to expect at the actual wedding. Will it be formal or informal, intimate or grand, modern or vintage? Once your guest opens his or her invitation there is now a sense of expectation created. They can also plan accordingly with regard to their wardrobe and gift if they have an idea of what to expect at the wedding itself.

As with all wedding expenditure you will need to consider your budget. The cost of wedding stationery can vary greatly depending on the weight of the paper, the type of paper, and even the writing. For example, if you are wanting to have your invitations embossed, be prepared to spend much more than if you were to just use ink.

You can ask to see (or order) samples from your shortlist of stationers in order to view and feel the quality of the stock used.

Of course, your stationery decisions will take in more than just Invitation and RSVP Cards. Other items to consider include: Order of Service, Table Number or Table Sign Cards, Wedding Menu, Wedding Stickers & Stamps, Wedding Tags, Thankyou Cards.

It is important you decide on the total items required in your stationery package before ordering so that everything can be ordered and printed at the same time. Returning to your stationery supplier/printer for additional items at a later date could result in delays and/or possible mismatch in quality or colour.

Although stores sometimes have sales or clearances of their wedding products it is worth remembering that this would leave the printing and addressing up to you - something you msy or may not want to undertake. Sometimes there may be family members or friends who would love to show off their expertise by helping you print or even make your own invitations.

You also have many choices as to the wording of your wedding invitation. Searching the Internet to find the wording that best fits your situation and liking is a good idea.

If you pay attention to nothing else, ensure that whoever addresses the invitations has good penmanship. This is a must!