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'HELPFUL TIPS and ADVICE' when choosing your
supplied by  HATHERLEY MANOR HOTEL - Gloucestershire  (details at bottom of page)

The venue will ask you questions initially which will include your contact details, dates in mind, expected numbers etc.

After going through the venue's details in the showround, hopefully the important questions will already have been answered, if not then here are some questions that should be asked:

  • What exactly is included in the packages?
    You will need to know if things like table decorations, placecards, tableplan and menus are included, as well as any drinks – be careful as some venues charge extra for these.

  • Ask if the venue has a civil ceremony license.
    Very important if you are not looking to have a church ceremony. Most hotels hold a ceremony license, but it is always best to check just in case. Also ask if there is an additional charge for this (as well as the registrars fees)

  • How many guests does the function room/hotel accommodate?
    You will need to ask this to make sure that the room can fit all of your guests in. Also, ask if the venue has numerous other rooms – if so, does this mean that there will be other functions going on the same time as your Wedding?

  • Does the venue have its own disco/band?
    If not ask if you can provide your own. If yes, does the venue need public liability insurance?

  • What is the payment schedule?
    When are payments needed by etc

  • Who sets up the room?
    Most venues will do this for you, but check just in case – you do not want to be laying up the room on the morning of your Wedding!

  • Where is the location of the toilets and bar to the room, and will they be shared with any other functions?

  • Does the venue have any restrictions?
    Some venues don't allow candles - or confetti thrown inside, for example.

  • Are there any hidden costs?
    Make sure the venue doesn't add any "additional extras" like a hefty room hire charge on top.

The information above has been kindly supplied by Hatherley Manor Hotel.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact them using the information below.

Down Hatherley Lane, Down Hatherley, Gloucestershire GL2 9QA
Tel: 01452 730217


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