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Financial, Who Pays?

It is traditional for the bride's parents to pay for the majority of the wedding expenses. However, due to the large costs involved today (averaging around £32,000) there are no rules and both sets of parents are likely to contribute financially. Whoever pays, it is important to define a budget within the means available and not to be tempted to over commit.

A modern solution in distributing the costs are:

Financial, Who Pays?· Costs traditionally paid by the groom are shared between the couple.
· Expenses traditionally paid by the bride's parents are shared between both sets of parents.

The financial side of a wedding is usually the main cause for tension between the families. Planning a budget is hugely important. To avoid confusion, it is recommended that all parties discuss and agree who will pay for what at the earliest opportunity.

Tradition can provide guidelines which will help to illustrate the responsibilities of the various parties. The lists below indicate who has traditionally paid for what. The financial means of each party have to be remembered when allocating costs. These lists therefore may not accurately reflect the reality of a modern wedding.

The Bride

Traditionally pays for:

· The groom's wedding ring.
The groom's present.

Nowadays, it is not unusual for the bride to contribute to other wedding costs.

The Groom

Traditionally pays for:

Bride's engagement ring.
Bride's wedding ring.
Ceremony fees.
Organist, choir, bell ringers.
Marriage licence or registrar fee.
Bridal flowers.
Flowers for bridesmaids.
Flowers for the church.
Presents for the bridesmaid, usher and best man.
Transport to church for him and his best man.
Transport to reception for him and his new wife.
Bouquet for the mothers during his speech.
The honeymoon.

Today, it is also not unusual for the groom to contribute to other wedding costs.

The Bride's Parents

Traditionally the parents of the bride would pay for:

Order of service sheets.
Announcements in local press.
The cake.
Bride's dress.
Bridesmaids' dresses.
Reception venue hire.
Catering at the reception.
Entertainment and decorations at the reception.
Bride's transport to and from the wedding ceremony.
Church flowers.
Flowers at the reception.



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